How can I apply for your internship program?
You can complete your application by filling out an application form published on our site.
How long the internship program will last?
We will carry out our internship program for a period of 1 month. We will spend an internship period in the range of 20-30 working days, varying according to the regulations of the schools.
Will I get paid during my internship?
Of course, you will be receiving a competitive intern fee we decided, in exchange for your work throughout the internship process.
When is the application deadline?
We will carry out our application process with announcements on our website. Stay tuned!
What grades can apply for your internship program?
Students in their 3rd or 4th academic year and fresh graduates can apply,
Which departments can apply for the program?
Graduates/students from computer-related departments, engineering faculty departments, visual arts and design faculty departments and all departments related to games can share their applications with us.
Will I be a part of real game projects?
Our 2021 internship program offers you real experiences only. So, yes.
I have some other questions, where can I get more information?
We will be waiting for you and your questions! You can send your questions to our e-mail address and experience how quickly you will receive an answer.