Gameguru Summer Internship 2021

Get ready to join Gameguru in the process of discovering new worlds! We are here to be your companion throughout enjoying different experiences!

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Inviting you to be a part of a great career starting opportunity that involves skilled designers, developers and product managers!

We can’t wait to see your limitless imagination, creativity and achievement goals!

If You,

  • are a 3rd or 4th-grade student
  • have a passion for games
  • are not afraid to make mistakes
  • want to push your limits
  • want to discover yourself
  • believe in the power of novelty
  • want to have a team that supports you
  • want to learn from the real Gurus

We already know your answer, let’s embark on an adventure!

To become a GameGuru, complete all the steps!


You are in the first step of becoming a Guru! Take a look at the program, fill out the application form and be ready to embark on an adventure!

step1 2. CASE STUDY!

Don’t forget to check your e-mail after the application! If we reached you, then a case study is next! We are looking forward to discover your talents!

step1 3. LET’S MEET!

How about you saying a “Hello!” Let’s have a little chat about you! Let's see what we can do together!

step1 4. BECOME A GURU!

Congratulations, you’ve become a Guru! Welcome aboard! We are very excited to see what we can achieve together!

Internship positions It’s time to take action with GameGuru!

Game / Level Designer

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Unity Developer

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3D Artist

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UI Designer

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Motion Designer

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